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Platinum Property Inspections

Professional and Thorough Residential Inspection Services

As a professional inspection company, Platinum Property Inspections CA, Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, CA has the knowledge and skill to spot problems with materials, workmanship, and installation that other inspectors might miss. Using the latest technology, we inspect the structure, components of the home, HVAC, plumbing, and more. Whether you are buying a new home or selling your existing home, we provide valuable information about the house that otherwise you might not be able to see. Give us a call at 909-774-1039 to request your house inspection.

Our Home Inspections

Our home inspections are comprehensive and go beyond the minimum standards for home inspectors in California. We include major components like the foundation, roofing, electrical system, plumbing, and more. The report we provide is detailed and comes with images of areas that need improvement. Here is just part of our home inspection checklist:

Selling Your Home?

Thinking about selling your home? Make sure you have our professional inspector evaluate the house, so you are aware of any items you might need to fix before putting it on the market.

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Buyer’s Home Inspection

You might think you are ready to purchase your dream home. Let us evaluate the house as early as possible in the buying process so you can have the seller or builder correct.

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